Southern Logistics Integrated Management System (S.L.I.M.S.) Capabilities

Shipping Features

  • Program by zip code to all shipping points
  • Rate shopper for all selected carriers
  • Identifies transit times for all carriers per shipment
  • Carrier Bill of Lading and shipping labels created for shipment
  • Cubic Feet / Density Calculator provided

Commodity / Address Features:

  • Programming of preset shipment address and commodity information to reduce shipment prep time and errors
  • SLG assists customer for preprogramming all required information

Accounting / Invoicing Features:

  • Automated Invoice approval and payment functions
  • Dissects all costs for every shipment
  • Capability to create an up-charge for any customer or shipment

Management Tools

  • Preassigned authority levels for all users
  • Capability of managing companywide or per location
  • Manage / research all LTL shipments instantly
  • Email sent to management if preferred carrier is not utilized


  • EDI (electronic data interchange)
  • API web service (ERP/SAP/Oracle integration)
  • Tracking and Tracing Features
  • Bill of lading generation
  • Label generation
  • Least cost routing
  • Electronic Pro number generation

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